The LAPIS ONE is a highly accurate, rechargeable multi tester that will distinguish the difference between diamond, moissanite, simulant and metal. The LAPIS ONE uses “Visible Violet Light” technology to illuminate the Moissanite which excites the atoms and improves electrical conductivity. This facilitates the tester to detect the Forever One Moissanite. The LAPIS ONE also features a unique ATC Solution (Ambient Temperature Compensation) for increased accuracy.

• “Visible Violet Light” technology to detect the Forever One Moissanite

• Unique ATC Solution

• Rechargeable Lithium Battery

• Retractable Tip maintains constant pressure against stone.

• Includes a lanyard, metal stone rest and charging adapter

• Quick & accurate testing of stones as small as 0.02 regardless of shape, rough, loose or mounted

• 10 hours of continuous operation

• Rechargeable Lithium Battery

• Two-year warranty